Frost Fairy Peaks



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5 day course camp schedule

From 9-3, your child will have a clear daily schedule sent to you in your email before the camp begins. Our pre-recorded classes are available to you any time you need some extra pretend play time

What is in the box?

In your box you will find stage curtains and fairy lights to hang so the performance will come to life! There is also 10 or more craft projects for creating props, sets and costumes for the show all uniquely made for your imagination destination, and Rabbit Hole Show Tickets to decorate and give to guests!

Live teacher interaction

In our live classes, our amazing creative teachers engage your child and guide them through games and pretend play. Their classes are customzied based on your adventure of choice.

Audio Tale Creation

Our audio programs are designed to provide engagement for kids. Every camp comes with projects that spark your child’s imagination while they work to bring their show to life. Camps also include an audio tale that is their interactive guide for the show! Much like reading, the Audio Tale will facilitate them diving deep into their own imagination while building their show created by their own imagination!

Meet a fairy and save magic from dissapearing

Does your kid like all things small and magical?

Do you have a kid that would love to meet a fairy? Let your kids spend a week in Frost Fairy Peaks to learn where magic comes from! Every camper will get to create an original fairy inspired by Frost Fairy Peaks and go on adventure to save the magic from escaping! There will be wings, wands, snowflake hair and fairy dust to decorate with. Campers will also get to meet a real fairy friend and learn all about her secret treasures! This is a wonderful camp for kids who love all things imaginary and small and want to create a special show. This camp includes a theater in a box sent to your destination prior to your camp, character meet and greets and a week full of adventure! A welcome letter will arrive in your email a week before camp and include all your camp details.

child waving a snowflake wand
Child in hot pink dress and fairy wings

Camp daily breakdown

Now booking camps in both Eastern and Pacific times

  •   9:30 – Dress up and color
  • 10:00 – Interactive LiveClass
  • 11:00 – Set Design project
  • 11:30 – Pre-recorded Puppet Show
  • 12:00 – Lunchtime while enjoying our storytimes
  • 12:30 – Break
  •   1:00 – Afternoon LiveClass
  •   2:00 – Costume and Prop Design
  •   2:40 – Set up and Practice show
  •   3:00 – Done for the day!
collage of children enjoying their summer camp box

See our imagineers at play

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