Unicorn Theater Kit


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Make your own Costumes

Your kiddo will get into character quickly and easily with the costume included in each kit. Designed with each special adventure in mind, the costume will help your child feel fully immersed in the fun that awaits.

CREATE Characters & props Your own

A quest is always more fun with a friend. Each kit includes 3D characters to decorate and interact with. The characters are reusable and can accompany your child on many new adventures, even after the show.

Set the Stage for your show

Bring the show to you-- anywhere, any time. Use the fairy lights, curtains, and video guide that shows your child how to set up to bring imagination to life. Turn a living room into an Ice Cream Castle or a kitchen into a Magical Princess Forest.

Follow Along with an Audio Show

Each theater kit engages multiple senses with the audio show. The original show prompts dialogue, dancing, movement, and more, guiding your child through each magical land.

You are invited to the unicorn ball

Get ready and join us for a magical celebration

At The Rabbit Hole Theater, we believe in the power of pretend play. Does your child dream about faraway lands with magical creatures? Do they enjoy dreaming up their own magical adventures? 

In this kit, we invite you to experience an enchanted ball like you never have before as you turn into a unicorn and get ready to party! 

Start your adventure kit by customizing your costume, coloring your props, and decorating character cast mates! This includes: 

  • Invitation to the ball
  • Hooves
  • Sparkly tutu with tail
  • Unicorn horn headband
  • Necklace
  • Rainbow hair clip 
  • Unicorn kitty with wings
  • Grasshopper kit
  • Bird hair salon mobile
  • Seamstress mouse

Next, it’s time to start setting up for your very own at-home show! You will find:

  • A backdrop of the Unicorn Medow
  • “Welcome to the Show” sign 
  • Tickets to pass out 

Finally, take center stage and play along to our audio show. The show prompts action, dialogue, singing, and dancing, making it a full performance.

This at-home experience is intended to excite your child’s imagination. By decorating their own props and costume, they will have complete control over their fun, adventurous story. It provides structure to stir creative activities and expression and a fun show to entertain oneself, family, friends, and stuffies!

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