Ice Fairies Themed Theater Kit


Your child is invited to explore the magical Frost Fairy Peaks in this Fairy Pretend Play Theater Kit, with audio, props, stage curtains, and more!

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Make your own Costumes

Your kiddo will get into character quickly and easily with the costume included in each kit. Designed with each special adventure in mind, the costume will help your child feel fully immersed in the fun that awaits.

CREATE Characters & props Your own

A quest is always more fun with a friend. Each kit includes 3D characters to decorate and interact with. The characters are reusable and can accompany your child on many new adventures, even after the show.

Set the Stage for your show

Bring the show to you-- anywhere, any time. Use the fairy lights, curtains, and video guide that shows your child how to set up to bring imagination to life. Turn a living room into an Ice Cream Castle or a kitchen into a Magical Princess Forest.

Follow Along with an Audio Show

Each theater kit engages multiple senses with the audio show. The original show prompts dialogue, dancing, movement, and more, guiding your child through each magical land.

Meet a fairy and save magic from disappearing

Does your kid like all things small and magical?

At The Rabbit Hole Theater, we believe in the power of pretend play. Does your child love fairies and all things magic? Invite them to explore the icy enchantment of Frost Fairy Peaks! 

As you put on your fairy wings and wave your wand, you will be transported into beautiful and exciting Frost Fairy Peaks. 

Start your adventure kit by decorating your stand-up character castmates and props, including:

  • Wings 
  • Magic wand
  • Snowflake hair clip 
  • Forest animal ballerinas
  • A mouse to ‘ride’! 

Next, it’s time to start setting up for your very own at-home show! You will find:

  • Homemade curtains
  • Fairy lights
  • Snowy backdrop to color in
  • “Welcome to the Show” sign 
  • Tickets to pass out to family and friends! 

By playing along to our audio show, your kiddo will step into the magical story of how the Everlasting Rainbow came to be. The recording prompts action, dialogue, singing, and dancing, making it a full performance. Most importantly, this at-home experience is about giving your child inspiration to delve into an imaginary world of their own, providing hours of screen-free activities and the satisfaction of creating a show for family, friends, and stuffies!

boy displays a fairy jar that he decorate
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