Mermaid Themed Theater Kit


Swim, play, and become a mermaid as you explore this underwater adventure in The Rabbit Hole Theater Pretend Play Theater Kit!

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Make your own Costumes

Your kiddo will get into character quickly and easily with the costume included in each kit. Designed with each special adventure in mind, the costume will help your child feel fully immersed in the fun that awaits.

CREATE Characters & props Your own

A quest is always more fun with a friend. Each kit includes 3D characters to decorate and interact with. The characters are reusable and can accompany your child on many new adventures, even after the show.

Set the Stage for your show

Bring the show to you-- anywhere, any time. Use the fairy lights, curtains, and video guide that shows your child how to set up to bring imagination to life. Turn a living room into an Ice Cream Castle or a kitchen into a Magical Princess Forest.

Follow Along with an Audio Show

Each theater kit engages multiple senses with the audio show. The original show prompts dialogue, dancing, movement, and more, guiding your child through each magical land.

An undersea adventure with mermaids

Discover the world of the magical mermaids

At The Rabbit Hole Theater, we believe in the power of pretend play. Is your little one obsessed with everything ocean-related? You’re in luck- Mermaid School is in session!

Get ready to dive in and enjoy an underwater adventure with fun sea friends at Queen Angelfish’s Mermaid School! 

Start your adventure kit by decorating your stand-up character castmates and props, including:

  • Trident Staff
  • Mermaid Hair Clip
  • Mermaid Tail
  • Pet sea turtle
  • Seahorse ballerina 
  • More fun characters!

Next, it’s time to start setting up for your very own at-home show! You will find:

  • Homemade curtains
  • Fairy lights
  • Ocean Backdrop to color in
  • “Welcome to the Show” sign 
  • Tickets to pass out to family and friends! 

By playing along to our audio show, you will swim into a mermaid adventure where you will travel across the ocean to the Queen’s palace and receive a special scepter. The recording prompts action, dialogue, singing, and dancing, making it a full performance. This kit is designed to encourage hours of creative play, independent or shared with friends, family, and stuffies!

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