Magic Wand Kit


A NEW set of wands straight from The Rabbit Hole Queendom!

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First, your child can let their creativity soar as they design, decorate, and customize their new magic wands.


Next, they can create their own magical world where they'll put their wands to use. They may be inspired by a favorite book, or dream up something entirely their own.


Finally, the time for spellcasting has arrived! Your kiddo can release their magic into the world on a solo adventure or bring friends along for the journey.

NEW Magic Wand Kit 2022! Help them discover the magic that dwells inside them and gift them with memories of play that will certainly last a lifetime. Accompany the show with your own Magic Wand Kit that includes all the wands featured in the show and that your kid can bring to life! The magic of pretend play is tangible and powerful, and we know this kit will help your little ones as they explore their own creativity and imagination. 

This NEW Magic Wand Kit Includes:

  • 5 unique wands that are ready for a world of their own design
  • A special stand where they can proudly display their wands
  • A coloring book to encourage their artistic abilities
  • Material bag with stickers, gems, and a mini paint set that can be used on fun projects time and time again 


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