Gingerbread Dollhouse Kit


A hut full of sweets? A mansion filled with mysterious doors and rooms? A mystical home for a fairy and her friends? The possibilities of our gingerbread Dollhouse Kit are endless! This holiday San Francisco-inspired house is the perfect setting for any adventure your child can imagine!

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First, your kiddo can decide how they want to decorate their new, preassembled house. Then, with the help of a little imagination and a parent's encouragement, they can turn their dreams into reality.


Next, your child can explore with color as they design and decorate the pages of furnishings. The wallpaper is perfect for adding some creativity to the walls.


Finally, from filling it with dolls and stuffed animals to planning fun house adventures, the possibilities with play are endless. Every part of this special abode, designed by our very own Rabbit Hole staff, reflects our love for San Francisco!

The Rabbit Hole Theater’s Gingerbread Dollhouse Kit is the perfect at-home creative play project for your little one. Great for the holiday rainy days, as an endless bonding activity for siblings, or a family project, this kit is the perfect craft for any kiddo who loves coloring, decorating, and jumping into their imagination! Our kit puts a fresh and unique spin on this classic holiday activity. A gingerbread house that will not attract critters and that lasts a long time!

We believe in the power of pretend play and know your little one can learn so many fun life lessons through their dollhouse! Dollhouses open up an entirely new world that can change based on the adventure your little one wants to have that day!

Coloring and playing with the house also promote development, specifically fine motor skills and vocabulary development.

Your dollhouse kit includes:

  • An exciting pre-assembled dollhouse that’s a blank canvas for your child’s imagination
  • Wallpaper to decorate with their personality
  • Coloring pages of home furnishings to design to match your kiddo’s adventure perfectly
  • A paint set to make their design dreams come to life
  • Special gems to make it make it extra sweet
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