Costume Kits


Choose from one of our most popular characters from The Rabbit Hole Queendom and make it your own. Crafting time and pretend play that will make them confident of their creative abilities!

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First, your child can let their creativity soar as they design, decorate, and customize their costume pieces.


Next, they can create their own magical world where they'll put their imagination to use. They may be inspired by a favorite book, or dream up something entirely their own.


Dive into the world of pretend play and become anything you want to be!

The Rabbit Hole Theater’s Costume Kits are designed to have everything you need to transform into a magical character. For pretend play, costume party or Halloween these kids are meant to spark their creativity and imagination. Help them discover the magic that dwells inside them as they create endless memories of play. The benefits of pretend play is tangible and powerful, and we know this kit will help your little ones as they explore their own creativity and imagination!


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