Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party in a Box

$250 for the first 10 kits + themed decor

+ $10 per additional kit

Explore your culinary ambitions in the ice cream parlor! This scrumptious ice cream birthday party kit includes aprons, a stand to hold your ice cream cones, a customizable ice cream truck, a DIY sundae, and everything you need to decorate your sweet treats.

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Crafts and party favors + a parent guide

  • Each child will receive a craft kit with 5 engaging crafts and a cute bag of materials.
  • Parents receive a guide to help plan the flow of your party from start to finish.

Personalized Ice Cream Themed Decorations

  • Balloons
  • A personalized happy birthday sign
  • A custom birthday mural for everyone to color
  • A special surprise gift for the birthday kid!

Accessories to make the party memorable

  • Special themed songs
  • Ice cream parlor themed games
  • A 10-15 minute puppet show that parents can opt to bring to life with the kids

Why this party box?
Explore your culinary ambitions in the ice cream parlor
Want simple, stress-free, memorable magic? Our ice cream birthday party boxes provide a full-on pretend play experience for your child and their playmates!

Each scrumptious birthday party kit includes:

  • Aprons
  • A stand to hold your ice cream cones
  • A customizable ice cream truck
  • A DIY sundae
  • Everything you need to decorate your sweet treats

These boxes are the perfect low-maintenance interactive adventure. You can let the kids interact while you chat with other adults, designate one adult to lead, or have every parent participate with their child! You really can’t go wrong.

Additionally, the birthday party box is a one-stop-shop. There is no need to scour Pinterest for activities, games, or cute favors for your guests. It’s all included! You provide the cake, and we send the excitement to your door!

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