Road Trip Games: How to Invite Theater into Your Car Rides

Road Trip Games

Pack up the car, get out the map, and fill up the tank! It’s summertime, and for a lot of families, that means it’s road trip time.

More and more folks are taking to the open road for their family vacations, especially this year. Family road trips mean lifelong memories, quality time, and fun adventures. Road trips also mean long days in the car, close quarters, and restless kiddos. Keep those memories sweet by bringing pretend play on the road with you! Our road trip games and activities are ideal for engaging young ones (and their parents) during those long car trips.

The Rabbit Hole Original - Audio Tales & Color Sheets

The first stop on our road trip is our very own Spotify channel paired with our original, themed coloring sheets. Immerse your family in the whimsical audio worlds of mermaids, ice cream castles, warrior princesses, and magical clockmakers while the kids get creative with crayons and characters in the back seat.

Coloring Sheets
Below, available for download, are our hand-drawn Road Trip Coloring Sheets for your kiddos to follow along as they listen to the audio tales and get creative with.

Magic Wand for the Road

In this case, your wand can be whatever is handy. Maybe your child brought a wand from home, or perhaps they’ve found a stray marker that feels magical. Either way, this wand has the power to transform everyday vehicles into something extraordinary.

Collaborate with your kiddo to determine which cars you see on the road get the magic treatment. Perhaps you create a dragon spell for red cars or an ice spell for white cars. The only limit is your child’s imagination. Appropriate for ages 3-6

Road Trip Translator

Our third road trip game is appropriate for creative young ones ages 5-10. In Road Trip Translator, one person in the car pretends to be a character who speaks a silly, made-up language only the translator can understand. One person acts as the translator. Everyone else in the car gets to ask questions. 

  • The character could be a robot speaking robot language, an ice fairy speaking Ice Fairian, a whale from the ocean bellowing in Whale, or anything else you can dream of. 
  • The translator’s job is to interpret what the character speaking the unfamiliar language is saying for everyone else in the car.

Everyone else in the car takes turns asking the character questions like, “what’s your favorite food?” The character answers in their own silly language, and the translator interprets (or makes up) the answers in a language that everyone can understand.

Guess Who I Am

Road trip car game number four is a theatrical guessing game. In Guess Who I Am, each person in the car takes turns pretending to be a character (human or animal). When it’s your turn, say “ready, set, action!” and start acting like your character. The other kids and adults in the car get to ask questions about your character, like, “Who are you friends with?”,  “what do you like to eat?” or “can you swim?” to help figure out who you are. Appropriate for ages 4 – 10.

Two Truths and a Lie

Our fifth road trip game involves a little creative fibbing. In Two Truths and a Lie, everyone in the car takes turns saying three things about themselves. Two of the things will be true, and one thing will be a lie. After each participant makes their statements, the other passengers guess which statement was the lie. Be as outlandish as you choose! Great for ages 5-10.

Pass the Story

Our final road trip game suggestion is Pass the Story. Everyone in the car takes turns building a story together as a group. The first person starts by saying, “Once upon a time…” and continues with whatever comes into their imagination. From there, the story gets passed to the next participant. Each person in the car gets about one minute to add on to and enhance the tale! This story could be about ANYTHING. You never know where this one will go. We love playing this one with kids ages (do we have an age range for this game?)

Road trip games and activities can help keep the kids entertained, the creativity flowing, and the atmosphere upbeat when the car travel days get long. 

You can enhance the travel experience by engaging your child’s imagination while you’re on the road. Let the memories of magic spells cast, stories told, languages spoken, and characters portrayed during pretend play linger just as long as the memories of the sights you see on your road trip.  
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