We’ve received a standing ovation from our Rabbit Hole parents!

"So so good! We are signing up again!"

“Amazing. My daughter looked forward to this class every week and was so sad when it was over!”

- Sasha F.

"The Dream Explorers camp was fantastic! Vivian was very engaged and super excited to perform and sell tickets to her show. Afterwards she said (totally unprompted), "I love Rabbit Hole!"

- Ted K.

"Great! We loved the imaginative play and fun characters!"

- Alyssa M.

“Miss Meryl is absolute magic. I appreciate her creativity and leadership in the Zoom classroom. She does a wonderful job of making all of the kids feel special and included. I highly recommend her classes”

- Amanda B.

"Our daughter Madeleine absolutely loved the class. She was so engaged and loved all of the activities."

- Lauren B.

"Amazing! Our children just love The Rabbit Hole and it keeps them incredibly engaged. Miss Meryl is a phenomenal teacher."

- Elizabeth B.

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The Rabbit Hole
Based on 28 Reviews
Noushin N.
Noushin N.
2021-12-11 20:57:31
Amazing! We had our daughter's 4th birthday here and it was a blast! The venue is absolutely magical! The staff is beyond amazing and helpful! They really... read more
Gabriela W.
Gabriela W.
2021-06-04 19:39:16
Oh the magic that unfolds here, from witch's brew to flying to far away kingdoms. My little one attended classes here from the time she was 1-4 years-old,... read more
Vince H.
Vince H.
2020-07-31 09:08:25
The Rabbit Hole is a unique and special find. My nieces who participated in the "home to home" distance programs were absolutely ecstatic about the... read more
Kate J.
Kate J.
2020-03-01 16:30:27
These ladies helped host a wonderful fun third birthday party for my daughter and a dozen or more other preschoolers, with a puppet show, crafts, costumes,... read more
Ann W.
Ann W.
2019-10-02 06:33:38
My son went to a theater camp for the first time at the Rabbit Hole toward end of summer before his school started. This was his first English speaking... read more
Gretchen S.
Gretchen S.
2015-02-04 14:19:01
The children's theater classes are an amazing introduction into theater. I have a 4 year old and 6 year old who are in the Shooting Stars class. The... read more
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