Dress up Game for Pretend Play: The Magic Elevator

Dress up Game for Pretend Play: The Magic Elevator

Dress up games are a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination!

They are a great tool to share with a caregiver, or incorporate into a sweet night of family fun for engaging and interactive fun! Pretend play helps grow your child’s problem-solving skills and supports them as they learn how to navigate the real world. Have you ever heard of the Magic Elevator? This is a FREE and simple, yet, FUN pretend play dress-up game to enjoy adventurous excitement with your children!

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Items needed for the Magic Elevator dress up game: 

  • Fun style clothing and accessories to make your adventure fun.
  • A mat or space that will be the elevator – you can even make a fort to get into!
  • Find a signal or create one with items in your home to sound when it’s time to head to the next land.
  • Download our FREE, printable elevator button. 

Let's walk through how to prepare for your adventure on the Magic Elevator:

  1. Find an old time hat and vest, or any vintage style clothing and pretend that you are an elevator operator that runs a magical travelling elevator.
  2. To set up the magic elevator, designate a place that you identify as the magic elevator. You can create it by placing a mat on the ground, or even create a fort-like space to get inside. You can get crazy with it or go super simple!
  3. If you like, you can premake a keypad for the elevator, or just imagine it’s there! Then ask the child what number they would like to go to. For example, if they say 6, jump 6 times and tell them where you have arrived. Tape up the keypad or you can hold onto it!
  4. Children take turns choosing a button to push. When a button is pressed, you say “whoooahhhhh!” and pretend the elevator is moving and jerking around during the ride – then DING! Ring a bell or find another noise to indicate arrival at each floor.

NOTE: It is helpful to have a sound to signal when it’s time to leave a land and get back onto the elevator. Adults can make the signal whenever they feel the time is right so the energy stays up and moving.

Dress Up Game Magic Elevator Sunny Clouds

Sunny Clouds Button

Here, you find yourselves all the way up in the clouds! Play the bounce & freeze game, bouncing from cloud to cloud as the music plays and freeze like statues when it stops. Try pinching off a bit of cloud to eat and ask, what does it taste like? Everyone can share their own answers. Scoop up handfuls of cloud and fill your pockets to bring back a rare treat for family and friends. You can meet a unicorn that points you toward the royal Castle in the Clouds, then bounce over and bow to the King and Queen!
fishing, boys, pond, frongs

Frog Button

You have arrived at a peaceful pond. What kind of smells do you smell? If you have a frog puppet, you can meet a frog that invites you to play a game. You can sing the morning on the Pond song or Speckled Frogs!

tractor, car play

Traffic Light Button

You emerge from the elevator into a huge garage where there are hundreds of cars parked. Everyone gets to say what color car they’re choosing. Then everyone gets in, buckles up, and turns on the radio. You can put on music for Red Light Green Light, freeze dance style (we play Route 66 ).You can go up a huge hill, twist and turn, or stop short to let a family of ducks cross the road!

Rocket Launch Button

You’re now on an important mission for the Space Cafe! Make sure your space suits are well-zipped, your helmets are tightly fastened, and your jet packs turned on! They’re depending on you to harvest the essential ingredient for their famous Star Soup (or any favorite food!). Speed around with the mission to collect as many stars as you can and put them in your baskets. Try to find fast ones, bright ones, pink ones, blue ones, wiggly ones, etc!
child, flower, adventure

Flowers Button

The elevator doors open to an enchanted garden. You can play Seed to Flower (kids become tiny seeds and grown up narrates,”Once upon a time some magical seeds were planted deep in the earth, the sun shone down and then a gentle rain fell upon them…” and trickle gently on their backs to signal that it’s their turn to grow. Each slowly grows into their own special flower or tree, and says what they are and what colors. Grown up becomes a great wind storm and spins and blusters into the scene, to see if they’re roots are firm and strong. Kids can take turns being the wind, grown up can pretend to almost blow over. AYou can also play the Fairy Friend Game where children explore the enchanted garden and tip toe around to find fairy friends. When they find a fairy, they can sweetly ask them if they’d like to play. Kids can then circle up and introduce their fairies to the group. Set an example for them first! Say their fairy’s name, age, and what they like to do for fun. The fairies might like to come back with you to your world! Ask and see if they’d like to ride back in the elevator with you and tuck them into a safe place for the ride!
children, playing with water

Underwater Button

This button sets you out into the depths of the sea and everyone becomes an ocean character. Blowing bubbles adds a nice touch here. Each child will take a turn to moving around like their chosen sea creature and everyone guesses what they are. Perhaps they even see a treasure chest and everyone gets to take some magical treasure back with them! For additional adventures through the sea, check out our very own audio story, Mermaid Tales. 

Dress Up Game Magic Elevator Bird Button

Bird Button

Transform into a bird and soar through the air! Are you an eagle? A hummingbird? A flamingo? An owl? Each person can choose what they are, and what color. Make a nest together by finding different twigs and bringing them into the center of the room. Settle inside and sing like birds, or maybe the adult can become the mama bird and the kids can become eggs that hatch. She can feed them some delicious worms or cupcakes!
question mark adventure girl, soap bubbles, child-918686.jpg

Question Mark Button

Make up a surprise adventure of your own!
jumping back home

Home Button

Press this when it’s time to go back home!

We hope you have fun jumping from land to land with your family and friends using our dress-up game for pretend play!

Feel free to use our ideas to form your own lands, costumes, or buttons! It’s our goal to help you create an experience that is intellectually beneficial, packed with family fun, and helps you make delightful memories. Our hope is that your family will be talking about their dress up game adventures for years to come!

Please share your adventure with us!

If you use our Magic Elevator guide, we would love to see pictures! Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your adventures. We want to see all our elevator operators in action! Happy travels!
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