4 Virtual Summer Camps You’ve Never Imagined

Virtual summer camp - queendom

We’ve seen video communication software options like Skype and Zoom become the go-to for everything from business meetings to virtual birthday parties. School children have also had to rely on virtual classes to continue their education during social distancing. And now, as the warm weather approaches, so does the option of signing your kids up to a virtual summer camp. But what are the benefits of this new online approach? Keep reading for some unique virtual summer camps your kids will love.

dreamland virtual summer camp

What Our Virtual Summer Camps Include?

One of the key benefits of virtual summer camps is the structure they provide for your child’s day. All our virtual summer camps take your child through from 9 am PST until 3 pm PST for a fun-filled day of adventure.

Opting for the live version provides the connection with creative teachers, guiding your child through games and pretend play. What’s more, your child will enjoy customized classes starting on a variety of different dates throughout the summer. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase one of our Pretend Play Theater Kits for your child to create their magical show at their own pace. 

Either way, the camp includes a theater box ready for your child to create their own show and dream up original characters for the ultimate imaginative play and creative skills. And let’s not forget the special meet and greet with our special camp destination characters for even more fun and frolics!

Warrior Princess Forest

Online virtual summer camps don’t come much more empowering and exciting than our Warrior Princess Forest camp! The focus of this camp is to inspire your little princesses to discover the strength they already have within them. Along the way, they’ll also learn what it means to be brave, as well as the exciting adventures that finding courage can lead to. 

Expect plenty of dancing, female empowerment, folklore, storytelling, and fun character meet and greets. As well as guided play and imaginative activities, your future warrior will get to create and perform an original folktale show as part of the camp session. And, as with our other online virtual summer camps, you’ll receive a theater in a box complete with crafts, show materials, and costumes to help bring the camp experience to life.

The Magic Clock Shop

Does your child love magic? Do they dream of traveling through time? If their head is full of wonder and imagination, this virtual camp trip to the Magic Clock Shop is sure to be the journey of their life. 

In this Rabbit Hole virtual camp box, your little camper will get to create a magical clock that allows them to travel through time and space. As well as special character meet and greets, imaginative activities, and guided play, both the live and pre-recorded camp sessions will take them on a trip they’ll never forget.

Mermaid Lagoon

One of the main benefits of virtual summer camps is the way they stimulate and strengthen your child’s skills for imaginative play. If one of your child’s favorite fantasies is exploring underwater, they’re sure to love this Mermaid Lagoon virtual camp.

With songs, games, unique characters, and lots of opportunities to imagine and create their own mermaids, campers will delve into the deep in ways they never imagined.

Ice Cream Castle

Ever wondered where unicorns go for their ice cream? How about a dragon’s favorite flavor? If your little one’s sweet dreams involve serving ice cream to magical creatures, they’ll love taking a virtual trip to the Ice Cream Castle camp.

Campers will get the chance to open an ice cream parlor and serve fantastical flavors to even more fantastical creatures. They’ll also meet a magical ice cream wizard and enjoy lots of creative activities as part of our live and pre-recorded sessions.

Awesome Virtual Summer Camp Sessions Your Kids Will Love

As these different virtual summer camp options show, there are plenty of ways to entertain, educate, and enlighten your children this summer. Even if it's not possible for them to attend in-person summer camps, some of the many benefits of virtual summer camps include structure, stimulation, new skills, and new connections. 

Want to know more about the world of the Rabbit Hole Theater? Feel free to get in touch via our online chat option or check out our FAQs for more information!
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Mary Eriette Atanante

Teacher and Characters

  • Favorite Character:  Sabirel
  • Favorite Magic Powers: Flying
  • Favorite storybook land: Camelot

Mary has been a teacher at The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater for the last four years. You can find her teaching a class, creating activity books, dressing up and performing for kids or jamming at a birthday party! 

A recent graduate from San Francisco State University studying Theater and Communications,  Mary  loves to help children unlock their imaginations and motivate them to create the wonderful ideas in their mind!

Chelsey Mony


  • Favorite Character:  Alice 
  • Favorite Magic Powers: Flying
  • Favorite storybook land: Wonderland

Chelsey is an actress, dancer, improviser and has an exuberant passion for musical theater. Her love of theater began when she was a little girl.

When she is not helping those in need, she found joy in performing in a community theater group in Las Vegas- having starred in multiple shows for the past 5 years.

Chelsey  moved to the Bay Area in 2019, and  joined the Rabbit Hole team. Her love of theater and wonder will be an excellent asset to the team as she encourages children to find their own unique love of theater and wonder.

Creating a safe space for children to exercise their imagination and creativity is her mission in this work.

Melania 'Mel' Rivas

Head of Product Development

  • Favorite Character:  Sailor Moon 
  • Favorite Magic Powers: Flying
  • Favorite storybook land: Neverland

Mel is an eclectic, curious and creative individual who has learned and experimented with many different arts & crafts forms since she was a little kid.

Fascinated by the healing power of art and its ability to express our inner worlds, she has pursued and completed studies in art, early childhood education and psychology.

Mel has taught bilingual exploratory art to children during the last 5 years and now she makes use of her passion for creativity and children’s education to bring The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater ideas to life for kids all over the world to enjoy!

Strider Patton

Project management

  • Favorite Character:  Wizard Merlin
  • Favorite Magic Powers: Invisibility
  • Favorite storybook land: Middle Earth

Strider Patton is founder and director, Brooke’s, husband and partner in The Rabbit Hole. A third generation self taught artist, Strider grew up appreciating and making art.

He is a professional contemporary visual artist himself, specializing in sculpture, murals and studio art. When he is not in his studio or on an installation, he is working with The Rabbit Hole Crew. Building sets, designing products, creative planning and the occasional puppet show keep Strider involved with the company from many angles.

He has worked with youth and communities since he was young, valuing the role that creative expression plays in individuals and communities lives.

Ariella Cooley

Head Creator.Sound Designer.Teacher

  • Favorite Character: Pirate
  • Favorite Magic Powers: Flower Power
  • Favorite storybook land: Narnia

Ariella Cooley has been teaching and creating at The Rabbit Hole since 2017. As a lead teacher, she uses theater games, song, dance, masks, puppetry, and crafts to tell stories with the kiddos in her class.

As sound designer, she pulls from her classroom experience to make the Rabbit Hole Queendom come to life aurally. Crafting whimsical underscores, creating kooky sound effects, and finding expressive character voices make her tasks endlessly enjoyable!

Ariella earned her B.A in Theatre Arts from UC Santa Cruz, focusing primarily on acting and directing. Her work as a vocalist and songwriter inspired her expansion to audio production and theatrical sound design.

At Rabbit Hole, she is able to tap into all of these artistic loves and fold them into her work with children.

Meryl Theo Press

Head Creator.Illustrator.Teacher

    • Favorite Character: A drowsy cat with a cupcake farm  
    • Favorite Magic Powers: Flying 
    • Favorite storybook land: Narnia not under the white witch’s rule

    Meryl Theo Press has an affinity for play. She brings humor, music, visual art, and empathy to her work at Rabbit Hole. With these tools she enjoys creating magical worlds for kids to inhabit, in order to stimulate their imaginations, encourage self-expression, and nourish joy.

    In the classroom, her focus is on “seeing” the child. In her illustrations, Meryl appreciates detail and seeks a thread of storytelling. In summoning voices for Rabbit Hole’s audio plays, she digs deep and scoops out the absurd characters within. She uses her longtime love of singing to bring musical elements to Rabbit Hole classes and productions.

    Meryl studied printmaking and painting at California College of the Arts and has performed with various bands in San Francisco, the United States, and Europe. She has been a part of Rabbit Hole since 2016. Meryl’s 9 year old daughter Vida is her most treasured and valuable collaborator.

Brooke Patton


  • Favorite Character: Glinda  
  • Favorite Magic Powers: Ice Magic 
  • Favorite storybook land: The Shire 

Brooke Patton spent that last decade in the classroom developing an imaginary play method designed to nurture creative confidence in early childhood education. She founded The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater in 2012.

Having spent the first 8 years in the classroom she’ created heartfelt experiences for kids both in and out of the classroom. She’s developed lesson plans, theatrical kits, creative classes and productions all designed to nurture children’s creative development.

She comes from a strong foundation in theatrical arts and graduated from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City where she studied Musical Theater. Brooke also holds a strong passion for human development linking the connection play servers for children’s creative development.

Her method is rooted in celebrating the creative process and honoring ideas that come from the child. Allowing kids to discover the depths to their creative potential and grow up with a sense of worthiness around their ideas.

She is a mother to an incredible little girl and loves her family with her whole heart.