Child in a pink fairy dress on stage with a mirror

Pretend Play that Inspires

Setting the stage for self expression and creative confidence

Child in a pink fairy dress on stage with a mirror

Pretend Play Reimagined

Virtual Summer Camp Box

Designed for ages 4-8

Need a fresh idea for summer? The Rabbit Hole Theater’s virtual summer camp box encourages pretend play by nurturing your child’s natural ability to imagine and create through kid activities. This summer, The Rabbit Hole Theater will escort your child around The Rabbit Hole Queendom for a week full of memorable theatrical adventures!

Our virtual camp box is sent straight to your door so you can watch the excitement of a new journey come to fruition for your child. Alongside the custom props that will be used for their production, they will attend live classes with Rabbit Hole Theater teachers, have a character meet and greet, and hear an audio tale that will bring their play to life.

young child smiling at a bear puppet on their own hand
Children playing make believe at an ice cream counter with cardboard props


Birthday Party Boxes

Want to make your child’s birthday party amazing and memorable with a unique twist? Our unique Birthday Party Boxes are guaranteed to grab the interest of every guest. These boxes are filled with one-of-a-kind props that will keep your child and their guests fully engaged until the cake and ice cream!

Children love using their collective imaginations to create a live performance for their family and friends. You can utilize our birthday party boxes at the park, in your home, or even gathered over a zoom call.

two children in dress up costumes
Make believe campfire with tissue paper flames and a knit yeti roasting cotton marshmallows

Pretend Play at the Bay Area studio

Join us in
San Francisco

We are happy to announce that we are welcoming imagineers in the Bay Area back into our theatre! The theater is a space where children are exposed to creative arts through pretend play. The atmosphere in the studio is designed with the notes of magic and intriguing playfulness inspired by the joy of childhood.

The Rabbit Hole Theater’s San Francisco studio is dedicated to the importance of imagination development and pretend play. The purpose of our whimsical décor and cast is to inspire creativity and focus on the value of growing the imagination through theatrical play.

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child on a rocking rabbit surrounded by creative playthings
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